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Inspiration. Transformation. Universality.

Dr. Emily Bashah is a licensed psychologist, author and podcast co-host with a private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona.


An expert witness in criminal, immigration, and civil courts, she has worked on high-profile cases covering issues of domestic terrorism and capital offenses, as well as first-degree murder.

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Consulting and Training

Consulting and training services are available for public, private and government sectors.

Contact Dr. Bashah directly to schedule a complimentary initial consult.

Training workshops have been provided for Attorneys, First Responders, Mental and Behavioral Health Organizations, Universities, as well as Local, State and National Organizations. Please refer to Dr. Bashah's CV for more information.


Clinical services includes individual, couples, family and group therapy. Psychological evaluations are provided to assist with diagnostic clarification that can inform treatment.

For access to your private records, please submit an e-mail request via the Contact Us page.



Criminal Court

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations, Risk Assessments, Aggravating and Mitigating Considerations, Mental Health Competency, Culturally Informed Assessments, Diagnostic Mental Health Evaluations, Expert Testimony.


Culturally Competent Psychological Evaluations for immigration applications for Asylum, UVisa, VAWA, Hardship, etc. Scope of evaluations may include Comprehensive Mental Health Evaluations, Risk Assessments, Diagnostic Clarification, Treatment Recommendations, Release Considerations, and Competency. Culturally responsive psychotherapy services can also be provided.

Civil Court

Independent Medical Examinations, Expert Testimony

Family Court

Parenting Assessments, Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations guided by the referral request

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Forensic Consulting

Dr. Bashah is approved to evaluate and provide therapy for the Arizona State Board of Nursing and Arizona Medical Board.

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Addictive Ideologies

While the news media, politicians, both political parties and conspiracy theory groups are destabilizing America, we often lose sight of how we contribute to the hysteria as individuals, albeit unwittingly. In the process, we lose our ability to find optimism, opportunities, and meaning. Fortunately, it is still possible to learn from history and to regain one’s agency, self- empowerment, and life purpose.

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